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Please Note: All orders placed through the Online Box Office charge your credit card immediately. Festival Ticketing is not required to return multiple, or duplicated orders. If you are unsure of the status of your order please call 416-599-TIFF (8433).

To place a new order:

Select the total number of tickets that you wish to purchase.

When you have completed your selections press 'CONTINUE'.

If you would like to change your order select 'CLEAR FORM'. This form will clear and you may begin again.

If you wish to cancel your order at any time select 'Cancel Order' and you will be returned to the Welcome page.

If you are purchasing tickets to a screening not at TIFF Bell Lightbox, please note that same-day tickets will be available at the venue only.

Please Note: All orders placed online are subject to a $1 per item fee. All prices include HST.

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